Businesses booming in December

Businesses booming in December

The Christmas / New Year summer holiday period is a busy time across Australia, and in our own backyard, which has grown as a tourist hot spot, business is trending positively.

With this influx of people around Bairnsdale, many local businesses have seen a spike in shopper numbers across a variety of stores.

Owner of Sportfirst Bairnsdale, Bernie Eastman, says it has been a busy time of year.

“It started slow in December but we finished off strong over the past five or six days,” Bernie said.

“We are on par as last year and hopefully we can come home very strong.”

Bairnsdale’s late night shopping has been a favourite with local businesses and Toyworld owner of 35 years, Janice Barnett, says it is important to see people shopping locally.

“The late night shopping worked well and it’s very positive for the town,” she said.

“Christmas was fantastic. It was really good to see so many people shopping locally and we had a few familiar faces pop in. Voltron Lego was very popular.

“We need people to continue shopping locally.”

Gary Taylor, of Harvey Norman, has been a franchisee for nearly three years and says business has been strong across the board.

“We have had strong trade all the way through December with white goods and small appliances being very popular,” Gary said.

“Through January we expect it to slow down a bit but we still expect there to be strong business and we will continue being competitive pricing wise.”

With thousands of tourists pacing by to go camping and to have fun outdoors, owner of Bairnsdale Camping and Outdoors, Wendy Brownrigg, was thrilled with the amount of people that had gone through her store.

“We have been very busy and there have been a lot of tourists around,” Wendy said.

“We have dealt mostly with locals up until Boxing Day and after that it has been mostly tourists along with some locals.

“Everyone who has come into the store has been really talkative and friendly to talk to.”

Jarryd Wilkins, of Homestyle Butchers, says it has been a busy month with the rush to deliver on Christmas roast orders significant.

“It has been pretty full on,” he said.

“There has been a few tourists around but it has been mostly locals that have been coming in.

“It varies each year but pork and sausages are popular at the moment.”

PICTURED: Pheobe (2), Payden (5), Mitchell (3), Ben and Stacey Bates, of Bundalaguah, were staying in Lakes Entrance for two weeks over the Christmas holidays and with a cool change arriving on Saturday the family travelled to Bairnsdale to have a play at the All Abilities Playground.