Kalbar review underway

Kalbar review underway

An Australian Government department is undertaking a formal review of the mineral sands mine project that Kalbar Resources proposed for East Gippsland, but was knocked back by the Victorian Government last year.

A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment told the Advertiser that it had received the Victorian Minister for Planning’s assessment of the proposed Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project on November 24, 2021.

Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, concluded that the mine at Glenaladale, near Bairnsdale, would not proceed due to “unacceptable risks to the environment”.

The Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has requested additional information from Kalbar Operations to inform the federal decision.

IMAGE: A Federal review is underway into the proposed mineral sands mine project at Glenaladale, which was to be situated on the plateau above the river (right) but was deemed by Victoria’s Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, to pose “unacceptable risks to the environment”.

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